Faking the Holidays, Circle M Farm style

The Holiday Season has officially arrived! And I really, really, really wish I could write this whole blog post about how I’m going to turn eggs into snowmen, pretzels into reindeer and put up the best damn Christmas tree on this side of the Mississippi, but let’s just be real. 

If anyone knows me, you know that I reluctantly give in to the holidays at the very last minute every.single.year. This never fails to yield last minute scrambling in an attempt not to deprive my Christmas obsessed husband of any opportunity to make a magical memory. My reluctance to Christmastify every single square inch of house and yard isn’t because I don’t feel the spirit, but because [wait for it] I’m just so darn busy. Such a basic excuse, I know. However, I really feel like I’ve mastered the skills necessary to put up a good front and make people believe that I’ve really got it together [that’s what the season is about, right? Making people believe]. And, even though it’s a battle down to the very last piece of tinsel, it is so beautiful around here once everything has been Christmastified [insert heart eye emoji].

Because I know there are a lot more crazy busy, sleep deprived, closet Scrooges out there [you know who you are, the ones mocking your cracked out DIY friend who turns mason jars into Santa Clauses], I wanted to share some quick and easy ideas to create a beautiful table setting that will make any Pinterest fanatic believe you spew green and red glitter from your fingertips. Maybe this will inspire you guys to put a few more seconds of effort into entertaining this year.

You guys, to the left you will notice that I've cut the stem off of a rose and placed it on a dinner plate. Gorgeous, right? So freaking easy. To the right, a nice little bowl of cranberries, which just so happen to be the easiest, cheapest and prettiest way to add some color to your table. 


Before you all freak out and say "Jackie! You said this was easy, there's DIY written all over that garland!" just take a pause. You have two options here: 1. Step out of your back door with some scissors, cut off a few leaves or branches, return inside, lay them on your table in the desired pattern (a straight line), and use some floral wire to fasten them together. Fill in the gaps with extra greenery. Or, 2. Pick up some garland when you buy your Christmas Tree this year. Either way, the end result does magic for your table. You're looking like real pros here ladies, keep up the good work. 

If you're feeling really wild, you can take those roses and place them into the garland for a little extra drama. It is seriously beautiful. I loved the rose + magnolia leaf combo. 

So, I'll leave you with a few final words: YOU CAN DO IT! Each and every one of you really "busy" [yes, there are quotes around busy] ladies can throw together a gorgeous tablescape this year. So wonderful no one will even notice your cooking :) you're welcome. 

Shout out to my husband, who jumps at any sign of holiday cheer. He loved this whole set up. And, to his mother, who made him this way and was equally as excited when I said the words 'holiday table'. 

Lastly, to the amazing Heather Beard, of Heather Beard Photography, who just so happens to be the perfect compliment to my [lack of] creativity. 


- Circle M Farm, a barn wedding and events venue in the Charlotte area