We're crushing on so many WOMEN today

We were so incredibly lucky that our first ever styled shoot* was with some of the most impressive ladies in the industry!

*Translation for those of you not in-the-know with all the wedding industry lingo [because that was me not too long ago]: a styled shoot is when wedding professionals join forces, use their combined creative juices and put together amazing spreads with table settings, flowers, furniture, models with amazing dresses, hair and makeup... basically the WHOLE.NINE.YARDS. All to be captured by a fabulous photographer and then shared with the world!

Working with these ladies was not only incredibly fun, but they had so much information and knowledge to offer, the experience was truly invaluable. In fact, for a good bit of the shoot I just sat back and watched as they did their thing and made magic happen at the farm [if anyone knows me, I'm not the sit back and watch type, so there's something to be said about that]. It was also so fabulous to have my good friend Erin Padgett, from Erin Padgett Events, hold my hand the whole way while I got my feet wet with new sort of business. Anyone who says girls can't play nice don't know these girls, because they were so flipping awesome. [#girlpower]

Anyways, I'm sure you're just dying to see what all of these industry pros pulled together. Well I'm going to take a few paragraphs to dissertate every moment... JUST KIDDING. We'll cut to the chase, check out some of the amazing shots we got and meet the women behind it all:

Introducing: Cali Stott from Cali Stott Artistry

She has special powers that turn beautiful ladies into Goddesses [and I wish she would move in with me to help me get ready every morning. Buuut that would be selfish, because you all should experience the Cail Stott effect at least once in your lifetime]

Introducing: From This Day Forward

How beautiful is that bouquet? I'm such a sap for beautiful florals and these were nothing short of gorgeous!
[btw ladies, we will get to those shoes... wipe that drool up and keep scrolling]

Introducing: Paige and Elliot Bridal Boutique

Those shoes. Whoa.
Do you guys remember Erin? The one who organized this whole masterpiece and held my hand the whole way? Well, she not only orchestrates phenomenal events, she's opening a bridal boutique, as well! It will be i.n.s.a.n.e. [as in INSANEly perfect and wonderful].

Introducing: Cooke Rentals, styled by Erin Padgett Events

Is there anything these people don't have? Seriously, you should have seen Erin's trunk. They have it all. 

Introducing: Vintage Nest Rentals

If you guys haven't already heard, the Vintage Nest in Mount Holly has started renting some pieces for weddings, photo shoots and other special events! If you've never been in there , you should definitely check them out, because they have some really unique pieces that will make your wedding POP. Don't forget to tell my special friend Katie, owner of Vintage Nest Rentals, that we say hello :)

Introducing: Paige Winn Photo

We absolutely cannot forget the woman behind the camera, who brought all of these remarkable images to us. She was such a dream to work with and delivered beyond my expectations!


And, I cannot end this post without giving a shout to the interns at Erin Padgett Events, Alex and Hannah, because they really played an integral part in this whole thing... you ladies are awesome, I give you an A+ [also because I too was once an intern, and would have loved for someone to shout nice things at me during that time].

Hope you all loved our spread, more to come!


- Circle M Farm, a barn wedding and events venue in the Charlotte area